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Kitchen [Chicago, April 2006]
Three years ago, I read a short story called "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto, a young writer from Japan.

I remember at the time the story really touched me and that it embodied something that I associate with oriental sensibility: seeing the extraordinary in the common events and places of everyday life.

I always look at the utensils in my kitchen, some new and some used, and I can't help thinking about how much pleasure and fun they helped generate.
Entered on: 2006-11-13 05:10:38.
Echoes (Claudia) [Chicago, March 2006]
I remember at the time I did this piece, the kids had started back playing soccer in their school's tournament.

One of the fields is located right next to the train tracks where someone - back twenty, thirty years ago - painted murals based on Aztec motifs.

I wanted to incorporate this idea into a piece, and one day I had the perfect model. Claudia the baby-sitter! She also was an enthusiastic soccer player and she is of Mexican descent. So it all came together, as a piece on the dreams of a child and its roots, maybe fainted, but always there to talk to us.
Entered on: 2006-11-13 04:48:41.
Echoes (St. Boniface) [Chicago, January 2006]
I saw the demise of this neighborhood church over the last 20 years.

When I first started swimming at Eckhart Park on the Chicago Near Northwest side, this church looked like it was still being used. (Recently, a co-worker told me she had gone to school there and that her mother volunteered to help with the church cleaning back in the days.)

Then, over the years, windows started breaking, plywood board-ups appeared, and lately, the demolition began. Next to the church, the school building was decorated by terracotta medallions which reminded me very much of milanese terracotta works at the Ospedale Maggiore, from the early Reinassance.

All of that is gone, so I decided to make a tribute to this church, to the pigeons and to the red fire hydrant which stood so heroically red in the dirty whiteness of a cold winter day.
Entered on: 2006-11-13 04:43:34.

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