progetti - projects

I progetti di cui leggerete su questa pagina, risiedono su un server esterno. Sono idee che ho "concretizzato" negli anni passati.

Projects you will read about on this page, are hosted on an external server. They are ideas I gave shape to in the past years.

The Devil in The White City (View Page)
In 2005, Daniela and I read a very interesting book about the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893. It alternates chapters about the personalities in charge of making such feat happen, and the story of H. H. Holmes, a pseudo-doctor who murdered tens of young girls during the time of the Exposition. One day, when Daniela took the kids away on Spring Break vacation, I drove to some of the sites of both the Exposition and H. H. Holmes' story.
Master's Thesis (PDF, 25MB)
My Master's Thesis, titled "Puppet Interviews and Formal Games in Family Art Therapy," has all the faults of writing geared towards getting a degree (that is, trying to prove an idea, sometimes forcefully). I had rewritten this work twice and missed my graduation year because of (I think) poor supervision from my thesis advisor. So, by the end, I was sick of it, even though the work it is about had been very rewarding.
Piranha (WMV, Flash)
In 1988, after seeing David Holtzman's "The Man with A Big Head," I created a book with 100 linoleum cuts, in Brazil. Later, back in Chicago, I started making these little tempera images on paper and decided to collect them in a small flip book. Again, this is a "story" told merely through images. Piranhas are fierce fish, but the fierceness of the fish in my little book had more to do with their ability to change shape and shatter the boredom of their creator's mind!
The Visit (Flash)
My daughter Claudia was learning about Italy in 2nd Grade (in 2002), and sice we had never been to the places we studied, I decided to put together an animation story about a fantasy visit to Italy. The drawings are hers.