"Boutade" is a French word used to describe a funny comment pronounced involuntarily. It's an "original" way of looking at things or something funny someone around you said. I hope you enjoy the ones I callected from people around me, especially my children.

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We Can Change Our Names
We were sitting at dinner one evening, and Daniela told the kids, "Wouldn't it be great to win the lottery? If you guys won the lottery, what would you do?" So the Claudia began by saying how she would fix the house to make it more spacious, Emilia followed with a similar addition. Gian Carlo intervened, "We could change our names!" Entered on 2006-10-29 09:22:06

You Have To Be Hopeful in Life
Gian Carlo at the table, "I hope I get a green sticker in piano, tomorrow..." Daniela, "But Gian Carlo, green stickers are for the kids who have practiced a lot..." Gian Carlo, "But mommy, you have to be hopeful in life." Entered on 2006-04-21 16:00:39

Like We Are Going To Meet The President
It's Easter Sunday. We have to go to some friends' house. I ask the kids to get dressed. When Gian Carlo appears, he is wearing a wrinkled T-shirt and his usual gym pants (he wore to sleep) and shoes. I ask Gian Carlo to please put some beige slacks for once. He complains, cries, yells. Finally, as we are walking out the door, I succeed in making him wear the khakis (with wrinkled T-shirt and gym shoes). We are in the car driving to the suburbs, and I say, "Gian Carlo, you actually look really nice in those pants." Gian Carlo, holding back tears says, "You are mean. You always want me to wear what you want. Why do I have to wear these pants?! Like we are going to meet the president..." Entered on 2006-04-21 15:59:05

Why You Think I am Italian for?
Daniela was watching a movie with the kids. The movie was about three kids and they are fighting about cooking. Daniela starts talking about our kids and them fighting about who is going to do chores. At one point, Daniela asks Gian Carlo, "And you, Gian Carlo: Do you know how to cook?" "Of course, mommy, what do you think I am Italian for?" Entered on 2006-04-21 15:53:47

We bought a new gecko for Leonardo to keep company to Gian Carlo's (Wyvern). We take the box down so the kids can watch as the new gecko gets accustomed to its new home. Then, Daniela asks Leonardo, "What do you want to call your gecko?" Leonardo answers, "Lickher." "Licker?!" "Yes, that's a girl's name..." Daniela looks at me; I am already holding my laughter. "Why don't you think of another name, Leonardo, like Nicole? Then, if we later find out it's a boy we can call it Nicholas." Leonardo thinks a little and then says, "OK, Nicole is good." Daniela and I look at each other and sigh in relief! Go explain to your friends and family why your son named his female gecko "Lick-her" or "Liqueur!" Entered on 2006-01-30 14:37:38

I Look Like George Washington
Emilia, our six-year old, asked Daniela to have her hair curled. Daniela obliged, and last night put rolls in her hair. This morning, when she woke up, Emilia explored her face in the mirror and then burst out, "I look like George Washington!" Entered on 2006-01-25 00:04:54

Everyone Knows They Got Black Hair
Gian Carlo asks me two nights ago: "Daddy, why do Indian women were a veil over their heads?" I fumble:"Well, it's a tradition. I suppose they think it's a form of respect." "Why? Anyway, everyone knows they got black hair..." Entered on 2005-10-07 00:00:00

I Am Tired of Seeing All These Broken Bricks!
Daniela's grand-aunt, Maria, was telling us about a trip she took last year with her two nieces, Lorena and Valentina, and one of her political cousins, Antonietta. They took a cruise to Greece and Turkey, stopped at various archeological sites, etc. At one point, Antonietta, after a few of these cruise stop-overs, turns towards Maria and, in her typical low key way, says: "Sun un po' schtanc' de ve' sto pu de matune rutte." ("I am a little tired of seeing all these broken bricks!") Entered on 2005-08-06 00:00:00

You Are Very Very Nice to Mr. Giralt
Daniela went to teach in a school, as a substitute one day. The kids in the 2nd grade class she was assigned to behaved like little pests all day. At the end of the school day, a little girl goes up to her with a note she wrote. It said, "Dear Mrs. Giralt, you've been very very nice today. I am sorry I've been bad. Today, you are very very nice to Mr. Giralt. Love, Tanique Entered on 2005-04-13 00:00:00

The Big Bang
So I am in the car, driving the fab fours to their school. On the radio, an interviewer is asking questions on the Big Bang theories to a scientist. I turn the radio down and I ask, " Claudia and Gian Carlo: Do you know what the Big Bang Theory is?" Gian Carlo promptly replies, "It's an old comic book or something..." Entered on 2005-02-23 00:00:00

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